My Projects

A Trello-like goal manager webapp that uses trees to express hierarchical relationships between goals and tasks in your life while retaining the task oriented list/column view.
Custom CPU Emulator

A custom cpu emulator and stack built from the ground up, emulating a complete CPU with a limited instruction set, building out an assembler for the emulator with plans to create higher level languages on top of it.

Created during the summer of my senior year, candidateXYZ is web application design to make it easy for everyone to run for office, no matter your experience, connections, or finiancial situation. Allows candidates create an official Candidate Committee, keep track of their finiances (receipts, expenditures, liabilities), and generate monthly campaign finiance reports.
Intel 8080 Emulator

Built during my junior year of high school after my first attempt at building a Gameboy emulator. Emulates the pure Intel 8080 CPU based off of the original specification. Fully tested instruction set and CPU interrupts.

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